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What is CLIQ®?

Simple. Secure. Convenient.

Mul-T-Lock CLIQ® is a High Security electromechanical locking solution that gives you real control over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. As a wire-free system, CLIQ is easily deployed without the need for any special preparation. Its simple design and intuitive interface allows you to enable and disable authorizations as needed and even for specific time periods. And through its reporting and audit features, you’ll know who went where and when.
It is also very flexible, with a wide range of system management options, in addition to being easily incorporated with Mul-T-Lock’s High Security patented mechanical platforms MT5® and Interactive®+, and WatchLock®, an intelligent High Security alarm padlock.

Known for industry innovation combined with decades of worldwide experience, Mul-T-Lock uses advanced technology to enhance every aspect of access control and lock system security with flexibility, convenience and High Security. Depending on your environment’s specific needs, the CLIQ platform can be managed in a variety of ways including remotely and from your computer. 

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CLIQ Solution Benefits

  • Add Access Control Anywhere — available in multiple format cylinders and padlocks CLIQ delivers access control wherever you need it.
  • Easy to Deploy — designed for simplicity and flexibility, CLIQ is a wire-free solution and doesn’t require any special site preparation.
  • Simple to Install — wire-free, CLIQ can be installed hassle-free anywhere.
  • Cost Effective — securely repurpose cylinders and keys. Additionally, CLIQ can also integrate with mechanical systems.
  • Scalable to Any-sized Environment — CLIQ's simple wire-free design can scale to any size as you add more access points.
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Learn Software — CLIQ is easy-to-program and easy-to-operate.
  • Remote Management — change access rights, enable and disable keys, customize access schedules right from your computer.

CLIQ Solution Features

  • Reporting Features and Audit Trails — know who, when and where any connected location has been accessed.
  • Flexible Control Options — with a variety of devices that give you control:
    • Web-based management from your PC
    • Wall Programming Device
    • Portable Programming Device
  • Secured Communication — powered by trusted technology, Microsoft SQL Server Databases together with SSL certificates.
  • Revalidation for Reduced Risk— instruct the system to require revalidation from any key giving you the ability to provide time-limited access control access.
  • High-Security Protection — as a leading provider of High Security locking systems, Mul-T-Lock adheres to the world’s most stringent standards.


Build your CLIQ® Solution

Every environment and organization is different. And within each environment there may be wide range of access points to control with a variety of operational needs to consider. With CLIQ, you’ll be able to build an access control solution that effectively addresses your specific needs and is tailored to your location and operations. View which combination of CLIQ products makes up your ideal access control solution.  


CLIQ Cylinders & Padlocks - based on Mul-T-Lock’s renowned High Security mechanical platforms, the electromechanical CLIQ Cylinders and Padlocks maintain authorization lists to ensure only enabled keys have access. Additionally, it collects and stores information for audit trail events. Available in a wide range of applications including Euro (double or single), Rim, Mortise, K.I.K, padlocks, switch cylinders and more, the CLIQ technology can be deployed almost anywhere.

WatchLock® CLIQ® combines multiple technologies – GPS, GSM, and patented mechanical and electromechanical platforms – to create an intelligent locking solution. It provides flexible access control over your assets and information about when and where your assets have been accessed. With audit trails available from both WatchLock and CLIQ, you’ll have accurate records about all assets under WatchLock CLIQ protection. Ideal for remote, hard to reach or mobile assets, this comprehensive solution gives you the control you want and the information you need to enhance the protection level of your assets and premises.

CLIQ User Keys - are electromechanical keys used with CLIQ cylinders. All keys feature LED indicators that signal for authorized and unauthorized access, out-of-schedule use and low battery notice. Select the CLIQ keys or a combination of them based on your needs.

  • CLIQ Quartz Key – can be programmed with specific time schedules, they also capture audit trail data of up to 130 events.
  • CLIQ QuartzXT Key – is used with CLIQ Remote and can store up to 1000 events for audit trails. The key can also be programmed with specific time schedules. 
  • CLIQ Quartz+ Key – is used with CLIQ Remote and can store up to 1000 events for audit trail and be programmed with specific time schedules. In addition, the Quartz+ has an additional feature that allows system administrators to predefine a list of authorized cylinders that limits the Quartz+ key to open only those designated cylinders.
CLIQ Manager Software - installed on your local network, CLIQ Manager Software is used for the daily management of your CLIQ system. Designed for secure access, login to the software is fortified and only possible with the C-Key and authorized PIN code. With CLIQ Manager Software, system administrators can manage and create access permissions; audit trails; time-based authorizations; reports and much more.
CLIQ Web Manager Software - is an easy-to-use, web-based software program that allows system administrators to manage their CLIQ Remote platform from any computer, anywhere. In addition to daily functions such as managing and creating access permissions, audit trails, time-based scheduling and reports, the program also supports remote programming devise management; key programing and key and personnel management.
CLIQ Control Key (C-Key) - provides secure access for transferring information between the system’s software and its cylinders, such as updating key authorization lists within the cylinder and the retrieval of audit trail info from cylinder to software. Used for unlocking electronic communication and not actual access points, every CLIQ system has at least one C-Key referred to as the Master C-Key. Additional C-Keys can be added to the system.
CLIQ Local Programming Device (PD) - is used to connect CLIQ keys and cylinders to the system’s management software CLIQ Manager and/or CLIQ Web Manager. The PD provides secure communication that can update CLIQ keys with the latest authorizations and scheduling; retrieve and upload audit trails; and transfer tasks from the CLIQ software to your C-Keys (Control Keys). 
CLIQ Wall Programming Device (WPD) - always online, the WPD has its own IP address that enables you to remotely program your CLIQ keys including making authorization and scheduling changes; retrieval of audit trails; revalidation of keys, sync of time settings; updating CLIQ keys’ firmware and more.
CLIQ Mobile Programming Device (MPD) - extremely efficient, the MPD allows you to program CLIQ keys on-the-go using a cellular phone or computer as a modem. With it, you can easily make authorization and profile changes; revalidate keys; retrieve audit trails; sync time settings and more – when and where you need to.