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Bringing Convenience to Complex Utility Environments

No matter where they are, you will be able to secure and manage your assets with a High Security locking system that is convenient and helps ensure compliance

Protect your students, their property and the school’s

Keep up with changes while providing High Security with a remote lock management system that ensures the protection of people, places and things

Independent and Centralized. Complete Control for Finance

Seamlessly integrate CLIQ® High Security lock system management with your security operations for centralized control over branches and anywhere else

Balancing Security with Efficient, Controlled Access

Flexible and convenient, get High Security remote locking system control and management that lets people access what they need and keeps everyone else out

From Public Offices to Rescue Services and Everywhere In Between

A comprehensive locking system for all your locations. Centralized management and remote control all from a single High Security lock management system

Know Who Accesses Your Inventory, Where and When

Get complete control over all your goods and inventory through a remote lock management system that not only secures but informs you of who is doing what and when

Keep Your and Your Clients’ Assets Secure

Use CLIQ® to secure your own assets and offer your customers the same levels of High Security, remote management with complete master key capabilities

Meeting the Operational and Security Needs of Transportation Hubs

For your rolling stock, high traffic areas and even remote locations get a High Security locking management system that is efficient, effective and highly convenient

CLIQ® for Utility Companies

CLIQ® for Education

CLIQ® for the Finance Industry

CLIQ® for Healthcare Facilities

CLIQ® for Municipalities

CLIQ® for Retail

CLIQ® for Security Companies

CLIQ® for Transportation Operators